About The Photographer...

      I began in film working as a PA, and then a grip, working on various independent films before taking a job at Warner Bros in their DVD department as a Production Coordinator on all Domestic and International DVD release titles starting with 'City of Angels' up until I left, with my final project being 'Matrix Reloaded'.

      After starting Elasians in 2000, I began building model portfolios and running a website on the weekends until I left WB and moved onto doing more frequent freelance photoshoots, starting Xotiquex in 2002 and then Risq Factor in 2003. After shutting down Elasians and Xotiquex in 2004, I shoot full time for Risq Factor and am currently working on MAXX Magazine.

      *** I won't be stereotyped and am always eager to try a different style! I believe that a varied portfolio is the true test of a creative and diversified photographer and I continue to strive to be both. I am always eager to try something new and am always open to ideas and themes that are different than my already extensive portfolio. Got an idea? Hit me up...
      -- Chad

    PERSONAL CONSTITUTION - Me... in a "Nut" shell

    1. I have abandonment issues... They're deep seeded and go back to childhood... Personal experience and current events empower this proclivity... If we schedule a shoot, and you don't show, and don't tell me why within 24 hours, I probably won't want to "work it out" later... I will still want to know why, but don't expect another chance... To me it's just rude not to let me know immediately, pardoning an emergency room visit or near-drowning where your cell phone is at the bottom of some body of water. Prudence and courtesy call for explanation. I send texts (I don't like them using up my limited cell phone minutes).
    2. I can be neurotic. Ask my friends. I'm bi-polar, I don't take drugs for it (why would I want to take something to change a behavior I've become used to and learned to control given the perfect conditions, which I admit, are rare and few in between), but is it really best to trade one pathology for another?
    3. I enjoy photography. I don't live it, I don't breath it. I may do it, but it is not all I am or who I am, although conversations with me may suggest otherwise. I don't take a camera with me everywhere... Though, sometimes, I've wished I did. I've missed many a "kodak moment" that I would have liked to have captured. I guess I could always use my camera phone, but fear the addictiveness of the "myspace" photography bug that so many around me seem to have been infected with... I don't know if it's airborn, blood-born, or how it's spread, but I believe if I take enough vitamins, I'll become naturally intolerant (I mean tolerant, freudian slip there), and immune, to it.
    4. I love movies. I live them, I dream them, and I breathe them... I am a movie buff, but that does not suggest that I have seen every movie out there. I'm not that old (though my driver's license may show I'm older than you might think), and haven't been alive long enough, or have had enough free time to watch every movie out there. I watch what interests me, what interests my friends (if it interests me) and don't bother with movies that are too touchy-feely (though may watch them from time to time, on DVD, in the privacy of my home). I'm single, I don't need the sexual frustration!
    5. I DON'T, and let me reiterate DON'T, date the models I work with. If you think I do, or that I should, move on. I have become good friends with many of them, most of them, in fact, but I don't date them. I don't need the reputation for it, nor want the drama that ensues by doing it. If, by chance, you're a model and we hit it off, this point may be null and void... But don't expect that to be my intention for working with you or getting to know you. I have not dated since I started doing this 9 years ago. I don't like being single, but since all I meet are models, I keep my work life and personal life separate, only so much as friendship allows me to do so.
    6. I am good at what I do. I am not cocky about it, I'm not the best, nor think I will ever be the best, but I'm good. Look at my work. If you don't agree, drop me a tag and tell me (but don't expect me not to delete your humble opinion once I've read it should I disagree with you disagreeing with me).
    7. I like sharp objects. Sharp points, sharp wits, sharp contrasts, sharp cheddar, sharp dressed (although I'm more of a shorts and t-shirt kinda guy), sharp nails... you get the point. I just don't like sharp declines (I'm afraid of heights - you fall 80 feet off a mountain and see if you don't feel the same). I use many of the things that are, and although I sometimes regret it later, often have thought it through before putting them to use.
    8. I don't dick around. Take that any way you want to, literally, metaphorically, ironically. I like to be to the point. Literally - I am not sexual - I may shoot it, but I don't indulge in it. I'm single, but that doesn't mean that I think it's ok to spread my seed everywhere I go. Metaphorically - I don't mince words (mincing is only for meat), though I will attempt to be tactful no matter the circumstance and I often think it through first, even if it does seem instantaneous to whatever I am commenting on. Ironically - I can be a dick, though I do truly try not to, but if you piss me off, my tune can change and the only way I am musically inclined is that I know music and can pick out the various instruments in a song, whether played or modulated, and can remember lyrics and recite them back at the oddest of moments without any seemingly known reason for doing so, unless you, yourself, also believe in the power of free association.
    9. I have a cynical & eclectic sense of humor. I can be off the cuff, or off the record, depending on the conversation. Too many people take me more seriously than they should, and at all the wrong times. Serious when I am trying not to be, and not serious enough when it should be evident that any other definition is irrelevant to the case and point.
    10. I am nothing like my parents or my friends. I am my own person, I speak my mind when it needs to be spoken, and don't when not saying what I'm truly thinking could seem cruel and malicious. I am also bi-polar, which I stated before, so don't think me being one way one moment is the same as me being another way another moment. I attempt consistency, and to most, that is what they see and expect, but don't think it is always the case.
    11. I have many other points, they're barbed, they're sharp, and I don't care if they get rusty. I don't cook enough to worry if they are polished. I DO like my knives, I miss my knives, and I would like to get my knives back (the cooking ones, that is). But I do not feel the necessity to share all of them with you. I must maintain some mystery... ;-)

    P.S. - I don't shoot nude. It scares the models and makes me very uncomfortable being that fancy free with someone I hardly know. I do shoot implied - which basically means I like to leave it up to your imagination, both in my imagery, and if you really feel it makes you more comfortable imagining me naked to make you feel less nervous when shooting. The nude sets in my portfolio were requested by the models, not by me, though the concept was my idea and executed under careful supervision of the Almighty who judges me not on my intent, but by what I do (though I guess I do get judged by my thoughts, but I'd hate to be damned for muddying the holy waters). All nude models got themselves into place, setup the "accessories" as best able considering pose, and I finished covering whatever needed be covered, or suggested what be moved to not show anything that need not be seen to keep a shot elegant and tasteful. I believe the female body is a work of art and should be shown the same respect as would a classic painting or statue. I wouldn't touch what I see in a museum, nor do I touch the models I shoot with!

    P.P.S. - If you think I'm messed up, you should see the other guy... :) "From now on, I'll connect the dots my own way"

    And in the words of the prodigious Calvin and Hobbes, that I think truly reflect my personality:

    Calvin: I'm a genius, but I'm a misunderstood genius.
    Hobbes: What's misunderstood about you?
    Calvin: Nobody thinks I'm a genius.

    Calvin: You can't just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood... Last minute panic.

    Calvin, sitting at his "A Swift Kick in the Butt, $1" stand: I don't understand, everyone I know needs what I'm selling!

    Calvin to Hobbes: "You know Hobbes, some days even my lucky rocketship underpants don't even help."