1) Provide a couple photos of yourself, or provide links to photos posted online to assist photographer in visualizing ideas for shoot.
    • Scanned images need to be clear and of good quality and of individual applicants only (no group photos).

    2) Send photos as attachments to after submitting application. Please make sure to provide full name and contact information so we can match up your application with your photo submission.

    Full Name:
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    Model Information

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    Birth Date: (mm/dd/yyyy)
    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:
    Body Type:
    If Other, please explain:

    I am interested in posing (Check all that apply):

    Non-Nude (Fashion/Glamour)
    Implied Nudity (Semi-Clothed/Covered)
    Nude (Playboy-style Glamour nude)

    Model Background Information:

    Is this your first time modeling? Yes No

    Have you appeared in calendars, magazines, or other print work? Yes No

    If you've done print work, please explain:

    Have you appeared in videos or films? Yes No

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    Do you have your own website or are featured at a website?

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    Other modeling experience:

    ** Make sure to send your Photo Submissions once you submit your application!